Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where in the world

I have basically forgot about my blog.  Seems kind of sad but such is life. July was the busiest month ever.  We went to the Pyrenees to watch the tour de france, came home for a few days and then left again for Provence, came back for 1 week with friends and they left on the 1st of August and we left on the 2nd of August...left for where you ask...keep reading. 

Last time I updated we were staying in St. Antonin and our friends village house.  After that we drove over to Provence to ride Mt. Ventoux, see another stage of the Tour de France (up Ventoux) and meet up with our best friends K, E and K.  Provence was lovely but so touristy. Wouldn't want to live over there.   Bruce and I arrived 2 days earlier than our friends and road Mt. Ventoux.  The giant of Provence.  Hard hard climb. There are 3 different routes up Ventoux, we took the south route from Bédoin.  21.8 km.  This is the most famous and difficult ascent (and the one the tour will take).  The road to the summit has an average gradient of 7.43%.  The first 5km is pretty easy at 4% but the 16 remaining kilometres have an average gradient of 8.9%.  We parked about 30 minutes away from the base of Ventoux so we could do a nice warm-up before tackling the climb.  When we hit Bédoin it was busy but when we hit the start to Ventoux it was nuts!  We heard there were 400,000 people on the mountain and I would say there were over 1,000 people riding their bikes to the summit, or atleast trying.  It was very hard, the hardest climb yet, but I didn't stop or walk my bike (many people were doing that). The view from the summit was amazing and the ride down a bit sketchy as it is steep and there were many people, riders and cars.

it all starts here.

Ventoux...get it?

400,000 fans on the mountain

heading towards the summit

the summit

holy shit...

we did it!

The day we road Ventoux our friends arrived and we were so happy. We hadn't seen them in 10 months. We spoke every week, sometimes twice a week, but seeing them in person was great. We stayed just outside of Gordes in Provence.  We stayed in a lovely B&B calls Le Mas des Etoiles and had 4 days in Provence.

Then we  headed back to Les Costes for another week of relaxing and hanging with our friends.  It was wonderful.

Bruce is his new shirt, he wore it out of the store

at an amazing restaurant "un jour charlotte" in Gordes

Bruce and E 


Now I'm in Los Angeles.  Seriously, Los Angeles.  It was a fast decision, but we had such a huge demand for our summer camps that we decided to add 4 afternoon camps that we'd run.  We needed to come back and try and figure out how we can stay in france...forever.  We were very lucky because we are house-sitting for 3 of our friends.  Last week we took care of this lovely boy, Marley.  The most amazing dog!  


This week we are watching an adorable king charles spanial named Malomar and next week we are staying at our friends house at the ocean and taking care of their 2 dogs.  It's perfect, although a bit hard living out of a suitcase for a month.  Our camps have been wonderful, great kids and good to see everyone.  But we have realized, bascially 30 minutes after we arrived at LAX, that we don't want to come back in October/November, we want to stay in france, make it work and start a new life.  So, that's what we are doing here...trying to work it out.  We'll be back in france on the 29th, hopefully with a plan.   We miss the dogs and the cats and our life in France, but it has been great seeing our friends here in Los Angeles.  

I'm not going to continue to update very regularly, because well, just don't have much to talk about and share.  Pretty hum drum life.  But, when I know of our plan I will definitely update and then maybe start a new blog to go with our new life.