Sunday, September 6, 2009

Indian food, Fireworks & Ruins

Last night we had a great "welcome back to france" night.   S&S, our lovely friends who watch the dogs when we are away, invited us over to their home for Indian.  S&S have a catering business here in France, called Spiced Cuisine.  S makes the most unbelievable curry!  There were 10 of us and dinner was amazing.  

After dinner we went to a pyro-lumino-symphony on the roc del thaluc (or Château Inférieur)  in Peyrusse-le-roc a small village not far from us. The fireworks/light/music show was on the Château Inférieur. The Château Inférieur is a ruined castle. Peyrusse-le-Roc was known during Roman times for the richness of its silver, lead and antimony mines.  The fortress here was besieged in 761.  It was taken by the English in 1163 and later occupied by Simon de Montfort.  The town began to lose its importance from the end of the 16th century.  In 1668, the castle was already in ruins.  All that remains are two towers; the northern one serving as a watch tower is described by the Ministry of Culture as the finest example in the Rouergue.

we took this back in November when we biked to Peyrusse-le-roc

we were sitting so close to the fireworks....that would never happen in the states

It was an amazing night.  So many people were in the village and we sat on the side of the hill right in front of the ruin.  Music, lights, fireworks and an ancient ruin.  It was a great night.