Tuesday, October 7, 2008

St. Antonin marché

Yesterday was the sunday marché in St. Antonin Noble Val.  This is our favorite village, both of us loved it the moment we arrived in it last year.  We couldn't wait to go back.  The Sunday marché is wonderful, full of people, vendors and music.  We arrived with list in hand, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming without a list.  We decided that we'll visit the marché once a week and pickup all the fruits and veggies for that week.  We'll visit the intermarché (grocery store) once a week for other stuff for the week.  I only want to shop once a week, not like in Los Angeles where I'd drop by the market every day or so if I needed something. Here we will plan our meals.  

We spent about 3 hours in St. Antonin wandering around, shopping for our fruits and veggies and having a café, oh and taking pictures of course.


We also had to find the home of our new friends B&B.  We met them through La Framéricaine. They live in Los Angeles, but have a summer home in St. Antonin.  We found many things in common with them and can't wait to see them in June.  It was easy to find their home and it's lovely.

maison bleu our friends home

We also saw many places for sale and are going to check with a local agent to see some.  Not sure if we could make a living here in this small village, but we just love it!

My last posts spoke of the cold, but today it is warm and sunny and we are sitting outside with shorts and t-shirts.  The dogs are romping in the meadow having the times of their lives.  We are going on another ride this afternoon.  No car for us today, just relaxing and enjoying the day.


La Belette Rouge said...

I find it kind of funny that in France you are shopping like you are in L.A.(once a week) and in L.A. you shopped like a French person( every day). And, hey, would love to hear about what you bought at the market.
Is there a local boulangerie where you get bread every day? Must hear about the bread.;-)

So great that LFA introduced you to local friends. Really amazing how the blogosphere makes the world so much smaller.

Randal Graves said...

I'm overwhelmed by the second shot alone. A small village might present problems over the long haul when one is used to a larger city, but they certainly appear to have their advantages. :)

La Framéricaine said...

I am so happy for you! The village looks lovely and it is so cool to see you in front of B&B's house after seeing so many pictures of it in-progress. Don't you just love that door?

Good for you on the menu planning idea! At the very least it will keep your costs down.

I cannot imagine shopping every day for food, but then, I can't imagine having to take my bow and arrow, my sling or my trusty 22 out to get dinner either. What a bon à rien am I!!!

Leesa said...

Hey there!!

Here in Antony, we go to the marche' once a week and the supermarket just once a week, too.. Yayy!! I used to spend soooo much money just scouring the isles at Whole Foods, Henry's or Trader Joes... Even the regular Ralphs or Vons cuz there is just soooo much "stuff" that you can buy back in the States that doesn't even exist here in France... and that's a good thing, mind you!!! Our weekly stop to the marche' lasts us from Sunday until around Fri/Sat.... and when we usually run out of stuff to eat by Friday... we have a (shhhhhh.... ) - PIZZA HUT right near the center of town...
I am soo happy to see you guys getting situated in your town and traveling around the area..

Now... isn't it NICE NOT to work??!!! I am telling you.. there's soooo much to do, you can never really be/get bored!!!!
Love hearing about all the things in your blog..
Take care,

Leesa said...

P.S. Your tarte and salade look DELISHHHHHHH!!!