Friday, January 9, 2009

Come ride with us

Many of you might know this...some of you might not, but Bruce and I are avid cyclists.  We have been cycling seriously for about 6 years.  Seriously means about 100-130 miles per week, taking our bikes wherever we go on vacation and making all of our holidays based around cycling.  

About a month ago we were on a ride with our friend Ben and started talking about how great it was to cycle here and how everyone should experience the beauty of france by bike. That's all it took, please allow me to introduce to you "Two Wheels Good Tours". We were born from 2 passions, riding bikes and the beauty and culture of france. After a number of years travelling and cycling around france we have decided to invite you along for a ride.

The endless roads, charming villages and fine cuisine provide the perfect ingredients for an amazing cycling adventure. We are committed to providing an intimate and personalized experience to our guests, centered around our passion for cycling and love of the french countryside.

France has a long and rich history of cycling tradition and of course hosts the biggest cycling race in the world, the Tour de France. We have chosen the 2009 Tour to launch our first official trip. With the return of several stars of cycling, most notably 7 time winner Lance Armstrong, this year promises to be one not to miss. Let us take care of the work and hassle of planning every detail of the trip, so you can fully enjoy your cycling experience.

This year we will spend 7 nights and 8 days, from July 6-13, 2009, taking in 5 stages of the Tour. We will start with the TT in beautiful Montpellier we will follow the race through the Pyrenees, culminating with the legendary giants the Col d'Aspin and the Col du Tourmalet. We will enjoy 6 days of riding some of the most beautiful roads France has to offer, sampling delicious food and wine and staying in 3-4 star hotels.

With a maximum group size of 15 people, we offer a personal and intimate experience tailored to your interests and ability level. Our team is made up of wonderful personalities who are caring, fun, and easy going. All of us here at Two Wheels Good Tours know how important it is to pick good travelling partners. Who you travel with is as important as where you go and what you do, and we never forget that.

Tour de France 2009
Montpellier - Pyrenees Trip 2009

Here's what we put together for you.

Trip Details
Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Dates: Monday, July 6 - Monday, July 13, 2009
Start: Montpellier Finish: Lourdes-Toulouse
Accommodations: Selected 3 & 4 start hotels
Group size: Maximum 15 (3 staff)
Cost: 1350 euros
Deposit: 200 euros

Tour stages you will see
- Tuesday, July 7: stage 4, Montpellier (TT): 38km
- Wednesday, July 8: stage 5, le Cap d'Adge - Perpignan: 197km
- Friday, July 10: stage 7, Barcelona - Andorra Arcalis: 224km
- Saturday, July 11: stage 8, Andorra-la-Vieille - Saint-Girons: 176km
- Sunday, July 12: stage 9, Saint-Gaudens - Tarbes: 160km

Tour cost is 1350 euros per person (twin share) and includes the following:
- Transportation for you and your bike
- Services of 3 experienced cyclists and guides (fluent in French and English)
- Transfer on July 6 from Toulouse Airport to Béziers
- Transfer on July 13 from Luchon to Toulouse Airport
- 8 days/7 nights in the beautiful Midi-Pyrenees
- Excellent accommodation during the tour (twin share with private facilities)
- 3 nights in Béziers
- 2 nights in Andorra
- 2 nights in Luchon
- Buffet breakfast daily
- 3 dinners
- Mechanical assistance with your bike
- Seeing 5 stages of the Tour de France
- 6 days of riding
- Cycling jersey
- Tour map
- Cycling route map
- Snacks, water

Not included: Flight to Toulouse, Hotel extras (phone, laundry, drinks)

Don't stay home and watch the Tour on TV...come ride with us!

We will also be adding another tour in May (details to come in a couple weeks). This tour won't focus on a race, but on an area, you will be based in the Aveyron(our region) and you will visit 3 other departments (the lot, tarn & tarn-et-garonne) as well. We'll have time for wine tasting, visiting beautiful villages, sightseeing and even relaxing by the pool.

You can keep up to date on our tours at Two Wheels Good Tours blog. If you or someone you know have always wanted to come to see the tour de france live (this year will be especially exciting with Lance's return) or if you have always wanted to have a biking holiday, but didn't know how to put it together, come ride with us, we'll do all the work for you. It will be a vacation you'll never forget.


franke said...

what spirit!

Michelle said...

That sounds fantastic. Good luck with it all.

La Framéricaine said...

I just love newly christened business ventures! This is a natural for the two of you and looks fantastic on the computer screen. Congratulations on having gotten it organized so quickly. I know two female physicians and one female graphic artist who are going to be very interested in your offering. I've already sent your link to one of them and I'll send the others this week.


Barbara said...

Hi Alicia & Bruce,
What a wonderful project for 2009!
You will have to follow up on this one and let us know your progress.

Too bad that I'm not a biker :(

Good luck with this !

peaches said...

Fabulous idea! I look forward to following your progress. Good luck.

Leesa said...

WOW!! Though I'm not a cycler... It sounds like a blast for those who are!! Great idea and you sound sooo organized already for just having thought of it! I'll be in California while you guys are riding... Just bought my ticket for 6 weeks in So. Cal this summer! Take care and I hope that Alex and I will get to meet you both before I leave... Maybe sometime in April or May (when you aren't on your bike trip).
Take care, Leesa

GeologyJoe said...


Have FUN!

Anonymous said...


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