Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life at Los Costes

I haven't been updating my blog very much, only because you are probably not interested in our boring days.  We get up around 8am, have coffee and breakfast, take the dogs out, check emails and then decide what to do that day.  If it's Tuesday or Friday I get up earlier to go to french class until noon.  If it's nice in the morning we either take the dogs for a hike, go for a trail run or go for bike ride.  We either go into town to do shopping or go to the market on Thursday or Sunday.  We take a nap most every day and right now are obsessed with watching the Giro d'Italia (kind of like the Tour de France of Italy), so we are home between 3-6pm.  Pretty simple life and I'm sure you are not interested in hearing our daily itinerary.

Last time I posted I was in tears because Rhoda and Lefty were killed by a fox and we were taking Fanny over to my friend Dawns house.  Well that didn't work out.  Her 4 hens are very small and the first day Fanny was great but on the second day she decided to bully them.  She wouldn't let them eat or drink or even go into their coop.  Dawn is new to chickens and was having a hard time seeing this happen (it always does with chickens, they need to figure things out and re-do the pecking order) and I didn't want to upset her so I told her I'd come to get her. Then I decided to email the ladies who take care of Dashell & Stella when we go away.  They have 3 golden retrievers, x number of cats and chickens.  I thought they might know someone who would take Fanny.  In no time flat I received an email back telling me they would take her. They are so lovely.  So we took her up last Thursday.  One of their hens is quite large which might make it harder for fanny to bully and they have a coq (he keeps order in the flock).  They emailed us later that afternoon and things were going well. We haven't heard from them so we figure the chickens are still working things out (which they have no problem letting happen) or she's fit in fine.  I'm thankful for them, they are lovely people.

2 weeks ago we were visited by JNRR and her adorable dogs.  Felt like I have known her for a long time, maybe because we have corresponded via email and blogs for over a year.  We had a great weekend visiting a few vide greniers (kind of like a huge yard sale), going to a party for our friend Ben, cooking together and drinking great wine. 

this is Bruno 

This is Louis

This is just a man at one of the vide greniers

Yesterday JNRR came over again for a short visit and we had quite an adventurous 24 hours. We snuck onto the property that we have been looking at to buy and were surprised to find one of the side doors open, so we went in and spent about 1 hour in the house looking around.  I was great to get her opinion, because the place is structurally sound but needs loads of TLC and it's huge.  

Today we had a bit of an epic.  We have been having some problems with Claude, our 1985 Peugeot station wagon.  Our mechanic said it's was the starter (he can't take it until Tuesday) so some days it will start and others we have to pop the clutch (so amazing that works).  Yesterday as we were coming back to the house I noticed the gas light was on (Bruce was driving) and I asked him if we should stop for gas. "No, I think we are ok".  We made it home no problem, but this morning Bruce was heading over to pick up some croissants and the car wouldn't start, so he popped the clutch and it started, but when he turned out of our driveway into the road it was out of gas. Argh!  So JNRR had to drive us into town to get a gas can and some gas.  Claude was left on the side of the road out in front of our house, when we got back JNRR and I had to push him to get him going (Bruce helped to)...but then JNRR slipped and fell and right as she did a big bus (for hauling kids to and from school) came ripping around the corner. Close call, she was almost road kill.

This is Claude 

Luckily after many tries Claude came back to life.  If JNRR wouldn't have been here we would have been stranded for a while.  I knew she came here for a reason!  Claude will go to the mechanic on Tuesday for a new starter.  Once he's all fixed up we are planning a trip to Brantome to visit JNRR to see her lovely house, spend some time in the beautiful Dordogne and see the boys, hopefully very soon.  

We have had lovely sunny warm days and a few nights some great thunderstorms.  We opened the pool 2 days ago, although we haven't ventured into it yet, still a bit chilly.  We are excited to go to Paris (mid-june) to see my sister and brother-in-law and my brothers daughter.  My sister is an art history professor and is bringing a group of her students over to europe and my 17 year old niece is coming too.  We'll spend 4 days in Paris and we can't wait.  Bruce loves Paris.

The wild poppies are in full bloom and are stunning!

That's about it for us.  Just a simple life in southwest france.


Kathryn Law said...

What a great update, and what a great life! Very uplifting to read. So glad that things seem to be working out for Fanny too.

Penny said...

Its lovely to read about your simple life. Glad things are working out well for you :)

Barbara said...

First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your chickens. That was so sad to hear that.Poor gals :(

That life that you describe sounds pretty good to me. Remember these little things;they are what brings us back.

I'm looking forward to June ;)

Cindy said...

ahhhh... sounds like a rather nice life you've carved out there!

Leesa said...

Just gorgeous!! I can't wait to visit one day and see this beautiful sight... The sunflowers are just amazing, too!! Wait for that this summer!!! Take care, Leesa

Randal Graves said...

That last shot sums up how non-boring your life there is.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

and not one comment about poor Ms. almost-roadkill!! shocking! LOL! I had such fun both visits and I, too, felt like we were old friends ... looking forward to more fun hanging out together in the future...

Becky said...

The poppies are beautiful!

La Framéricaine said...

I tried, in vain, to talk with you during our time in Le Blanc. Fortunately, I did succeed in talking with NJNRR on several occasions and asked her to give you all my best regards. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your little red hens. But glad to know that Fanny has been accommodated.

If your stay is extended, we should be able to see each other in Sept/Oct as we will be back to Le Blanc by then. In the meantime we are packing the car with camping equip and planning to see the USA in a Nissan.

I hope you got all my voicemails on your cell phone. You probably got worn out checking the voicemail message function!

Keep to hear about your daily routine and your intermittent adventures!


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