Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 days across America - again!

This is our 2nd time driving across the U.S.  October 08 we did it for the first time when we took our 1 year sabbatical in France.  We only went to Chicago in 08, but this time we went all the way up to Michigan to see my family. We have either sold, given away or shipped everything we own.  We have 3 dogs, 2 suitcases and 3 dog crates with us in the rental car.  We are moving to France and couldn't be more excited.

trying to get out of los angeles

We had hoped to leave last Saturday around 10:00 am, but that didn't happen.  We went to sell our car and had major problems because the dealership (VW) had the vin number on the title and registration wrong.  1 digit off.  So, when someone looks up the vin it doesn't show anything, which means nobody will buy the car.  So we had to run around like crazy and it still isn't taken care of.  We left the car at VW and our good friend K is going to sell it for us when they correct the vin with the DMV.

So 10:00 became 3:30 pm.  We finally got on the 10 freeway heading east and thought we were on our way, but we hit major traffic and it took us about 1.5 hours to get out of the city.  We drove until 10:00 pm and ended up staying in Mesquite Nevada.

vegas drive-by

Sunday was a much better day.  We hit the road early and drove to Carbondale, Colorado where our friend Chris lives.  We spent Sunday and Monday with him.  He lives in a cabin behind this lovely house in the country.  Stunning scenery and peace and quiet.  The dogs loved it.  We went rock-climbing at Rifle on Monday and got worked!  It was great to spend time with Chris who we haven't seen since our last drive across the country.  Hopefully we'll get him to France this spring.

 Chris' backyard

 Stella hanging out at Rifle

Bruce doing a bit of climbing at Rifle

Tuesday we left Carbondale and thought it would be a breeze driving to Des Moines.  But when we arrived in Vail it was snowing so hard we could barely see.  We drove 30 mph until Denver.  So 1.5 hours turned into 3.5 hours.  Then major road work most of the way.  Argh!  We ended up staying in Lincoln, Nevada instead of Des Moines.

Nebraska was so boring and flat

Today was such a long day, 13 hours in the car.  Major road construction (going 40 for miles and miles) most of Iowa and Illinois and rush hour traffic around Chicago made the 10 hour day turn into a 13 hour day.  We finally arrived at my sisters house at 10:00 pm.

The dogs were amazing the whole trip.  We have a huge van and they have their bed in the back and we can also lay in the back.  So we'd take turns driving, 2 hours and then rest, 2 hours and then rest.  It makes it much easier.  We'll be here in Michigan visiting with my family until Saturday afternoon and then we'll head down to Chicago and fly out on Sunday for our new life in France.

More to come.


Leesa said...

YAYYY!!!! What a great trip across the country! Enjoy and have a safe trip over here...

Hugs, Leese

Rowena... said...

I am so excited and happy for you all! Look forward to updates on life in France when you finally get there!

Heidi said...

Stella is so darned cute!!!!

Megan said...

happy travels!