Sunday, March 25, 2012

Art Journal #2

This week I decided to pick a topic from my journal prompts envelope.  I have about 50 journal prompts written down on small pieces of paper.  I blindly drew one on Monday and it said "MY HAPPY PLACE".

When I think of my happy place, the first thing that comes to mind is Amiel.  Amiel is a climbing area 10 minutes from our house. We go there about 3 times a week (when weather permits).  We climb there most of the winter because it's a south facing cliff and if it's not too cold and clear skies it's beautiful.  In the winter months, we leave the village all bundled up and by the time we hike to the top we are usually in shorts and t-shirts.  It overlooks Penne a lovely ancient village with a ruin on the top.  There are sheep below and beautiful views over the countryside.   The only sound we hear are the sheep or the church bells from Penne.  Most of the time it's just Bruce and I (and the dogs).  It's our office!  I love it there.

I wrote a haiku and found a quote by Henri Frederic AMIEL.  It is my happy place.

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meredith said...

It sounds like you have found a good place. I like your art journal :)