Thursday, January 9, 2014

I've got a new job this year.

I'm married to a painter. A very talented painter.  But as with most artists, he's horrible at marketing himself.  We finally have a place where he can focus on his art.  The past few years we've been in a small village house and one of our bedrooms was his studio.  It was very hard, since most of his work is large abstract pieces.  Since we've been in the farmhouse he's been using our gite as his studio, it's perfect!

My favorite piece - and the only one that isn't for sale.

Now back to the marketing problem.  My husband gives his work away! it away. As a business woman this makes me crazy.  He's sold many paintings, so it's not like he needs to give his work away, but he's just too nice and he has a hard time pricing his work and then asking for the price once it's set.  Me on the other hand, have no problem pricing his work and asking for the price.  So we have decided that my new job is to represent him.  I built a new website for his work,  I manage his twitter account, facebook account and all the other sites where his work is listed.  I will also be working with galleries and getting his work "out there" for others to see and buy.  I'm also going to document him working in the studio and I get to say "it's finished".  If he had his way, he'd work on a piece forever, probably producing 1 piece a year!

I'm proud to have such a talented husband, watching him draw and paint amazes me.  So, that's my new job.  It doesn't pay very well, well not at all, until he sells a piece.  But it's very rewarding and something we can do together, like everything else in our life.  You can check out his work here and if you are interested in anything, just let me know.  We can ship anywhere in the world.

New piece hanging in our living room.

In the studio.

Charcoal, conte on watercolor paper
oil on canvas

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