Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A day in Figeac

Today we decided to drive up to Figeac.  A lovely village 30 km north of Villefrance-de-rouergue (our nearest village).  It was a cloudy day, no rain though and Bruce wanted to visit the Emmaus.  The Emmaus is basically like Goodwill in the US and many villages have them but they are only open on specific days, Wednesday is when Figeac's was open so we figured we'd head up there, have lunch and then visit the Emmaus.  Bruce was looking for a table for his studio.  Nothing special, just something that he can put his paints, brushes, supplies on and not worry about getting it dirty or covered in paint.  He also needed some palettes for painting and maybe some sweatshirts that he can wear during the winter and not worry about getting them covered in paint.

We left about 11 am and it took about 30 minutes to get there, a lovey drive through many beautiful villages.  The landscape/countryside is so amazing I wish that I could describe how beautiful it is, but you have to see it.  There are a couple houses that I love on the way - I call them, my houses.  We arrived in time for lunch and walked around a bit (I do love Figeac) and found a place called Le Sphinx.  They had a prix fixe menu, which is the best deal.  We decided to try it.  So for 13 euros I had the following.  Potage de légume d´hiver (winter vegetable soup), which is out of this world and I immediately came home and looked up a recipe for it and have to make it in the next couple days (I'll post it when I make it, because it's a wonderful soup).   That was my starter and then for my entré I had porc curry with basmati rice.  It also came with carrots and zucchini (our friends crack up at the word zucchini).  Then I had lemon meringue tart, which was so  so good...and red wine.  Bruce started with the Salad dé Quercy and then Poulet (chicken) with Rouquefort sauce and ended with tiramisu.  Ah, trés bon.  It was lovely.  Before we left we spoke with the owners about where we were from, they were so surprised that we were from America and California (being so far away) but they were lovely and warm and we will go back very soon.  The food and service was amazing.

We then found the Emmaus.  It opened at 3:00 and it was 2:00, but there was a huge group of people waiting outside. We decided to go have a café and come back at 3:00.  When we got back it was packed and I know why.  There are some amazing finds in the furniture area.  There was this big old farm kitchen table for 80 euros and of course it was sold.  Bruce asked the man about the farm table and he said it sold 1 minute after they opened.  The people waiting 1 hour before it opened were smart!  We didn't find any sweatshirts - don't think they wear them here in France, might have to consult Old Navy and have my sister send them over.  He did find 4 trays that he'll use for his palette for 2 euros and a table for 10 euros, not bad!

It was a great day and I really like this village.  It was a bit nippy and I'm sure I'll like it better when my teeth aren't chattering. Perhaps, I'll have to go back in the spring.

(sorry for the tiny pictures, I'm really not sure why they are so tiny....double click and they will get larger)


Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

Emmaus is a store? or ? and I think you'd find sweatshirts in Monoprix or a tourist area...

sounds like a lovely day... xx

Randal Graves said...

The double-clicking doesn't enlarge them, yet they are obviously shots of an obviously lovely village, obviously.

I'm trying to stave off envy and it isn't working. I wonder if they've got a pill for this.

Lynn said...

I love hearing about your adventures and thanks for the links. It is giving be lots of material for planning my visit next summer. Some many places to see, so little time.

Michelle said...

I am becoming hooked on the stories about your France life.

Our Juicy Life said...

Kim - Emmaus is like goodwill, it's not a store but a warehouse, not sure if all are like that. It's run by the church and they have furniture (amazing stuff), clothing, books, misc..stuff. Most are only open 1 day a week and get there early! You can find some great deals there, but you have to take the time to look through stuff...I don't do well doing that - no patience, i spent loads of time looking at the furniture. there were some old old bedframe that were so beautiful. A frend of ours who is from paris (now lives in LA) said the best place to find amazing furniture very inexpensive is Belgium. IF we stick around and need furniture we'll head up there.

We don't want to pay 70 euros for a tourist sweatshirt and we don't have a Monoprix anywhere near us. Might have to venture out a bit, but we don't want to spend much since they are going to get ruined very fast.

Our Juicy Life said...

RG - crap on the pictures. Not sure what is happening, need to figure it out because the village is so beautiful.

No pill - just a plane ticket my friend!

La Framéricaine said...

I'm delighted that you are all settled into a life that allows for relaxation, exploration, art, friends, and new daily discoveries!

It makes me long to have the same but in the meantime I can live vicariously through your adventures.

Barbara said...

Hi Alicia,
I'm glad that you are both fine. I think that you are both discovering a lot of cute villages.
I have never been down South, so this is a discovery for me to read & see too !

The Emmaus idea was a good one but with the tight economy, everyone is scampering for bargains ! Maybe for the old table you can find a "brocante" or "vide-grenier", where people sell their old goods.
A lot of villages will put up flyers or even banners when they have brocantes.
Otherwise for cheap clothes ?? Try a marché that also has clothes sellers. Sometimes ( but it depends), you can find cheap clothing in the marchés.

Happy hunting !

Betty C. said...

I love Figeac and have often stopped there on the way to the Corrèze...not sure it's a village, though. More of a small-to-medium sized town. Some lovely architecture there.

Your soup sounds great too! It's definitely getting to be soup season!