Sunday, February 1, 2009

10 Random Things....



about me?  Nope.  Megan at An American in Provence  tagged me for "10 random things".  I was tagged a few months ago and you can check it out here if you are at all interested.  I decided to have our dogs do 10 random things about themselves, you know, mix things up a bit.  I have had a few requests to do a post or so including them, so here you go.  All you need to know about our kids.  Since Dashell is older, I'll let him go first.

DASHELL - 4 years old, Golden Retriever

1.  I was born in Storrs, Connecticut
2.  I have flown on a plane twice.  The first time I was 4 months old and flew in my "first" mom's (Patty) arms.  The second was in September when I flew to France.
3.  I am a Northstar Foundation dog
4.  I'm a big scardey cat (say for instance a door is 1/2 closed, instead of using my huge schnoz to open it, I'll just cry until you let me in)

5.  I'm a talker...yes, just like my grandfather who they called "the whirler", I sound like Chewbacca (you know the Wookie from Star Wars). I always have to have something in my mouth when you come home so I can "whirl" away

6.  I love kids and I'm a really nice guy (i know that's two but oh well)
7.  My favorite thing to chew is an empty toilet paper roll (I actually eat it)
8.  My favorite toy is my yellow ice cream cone,  Lorette (who is Sophie's mom) actually introduce me to the cone and it's the only toy that I'll play with.  I'm so happy Mom and Dad brought (4) to france with us

9.  I can do many tricks - shake (with left and right), sit, lay down, high five and turn-around
10. I'm a counter-surfer, great trick (i've scored many goodies), although my mom and dad don't think so!

STELLA - 2 1/2, Terrier Mix

1.  I was dumped at a park on/around Thanksgiving Day 2006 by my first owner (when I was only 4 months old)
2.  I was found by my new parents that day (my mom said to my Dad..."I can't leave her" and he said "Do what you have to do")
3.  I look like a drowned rat when I get a bath

4.  I have many nicknames:  Stella V, Stella Vaughn, Vixon, Vicki, Mitzi, ViVi and Venus
5.  I can almost do a flip - I'd be a great circus dog

6.  I am a girl but look like a boy (I have a beard)
7.  I resemble "The Unibomber" Ted Kaczynski  

8.  I really don't like Maillot kitty, especially when she sleeps by Dashell, argh!

9.  I won't eat my kibble unless mom puts in some pasta, rice or scrambled egg (so spoiled)
10. I have a beautiful under bite!

11. I know we were only to do 10...but we had to put this in. We both miss Augie.

Augie - January 1, 1992 - June 27, 2008


Megan said...

How cute! Great pics. :)

Cindy said...

This is so fun! I laughed so hard, until the end when I cried... Wow, it's like Marley and Me, that movie that I can't see because I'll cry too much. I read the book and couldn't even read the last chapter.

Dogs are wonderful! It's so cool that you brought yours with you to France. They're happiest when with their pack.

Leesa said...

Awwwww!! That was sooo cute! Thanks for sharing your "kids" with us!!!

Barbara said...

This is adorable - I (heart) this :)
You have 2 unique companions.
I always say that animals are just like we are; each has it's own history and character.
Booooooo on whoever would abandon a dog like Stella :(
Or any animal.

Rowena said...

Dashell's yellow ice cream cone is too cute. I think my doxie would prefer that to the Kong toy that we got him. And as for Stella...what can I say? The "unibomber" resemblance is spot on. She is a cutie patootie!

La Framéricaine said...

I love Stella's #7! What a hoot!

Le Framéricain and I went to Café Crêpe and missed you both. We also spoke to Laurence in Toulouse this morning and hope that you will take the time to meet her and José the next time to go there. They are the best!

Can't wait to hear more about the Tour tour that you have planned!


La Belette Rouge said...

Love learning more about your beautiful dogs. Very cute!!

Randal Graves said...

The Unabomber, huh? I'm not so sure we can trust you now.

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

Cindy - sorry to make you cry...but I had to put him in - had him for 16 lovely years, he was my baby, the best dog ever. Ah Marley and Me..great book, but it made me cry too. Anything to do with animals makes me cry.

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

Barbara - i agree, how could anyone just throw a dog away, but it happens all the time. Or when people move and then don't take the dog with them. Breaks my heart.

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

Rowena - my dogs never liked the kong - unless I put peanut butter in it and then they'd lick it out and be done with it. The CONE is the best and it squeeks.

yes, her and Ted look so much alike, it cracks us up.

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

LF - sorry we didn't get to have crepes with you and Mr. F. Hugs to that handsome man of yours.

LBR - as you know (now) dogs are the best!

Randall - you can trust me just not her.