Friday, March 20, 2009

Le printemps est arrivé

We have had the most amazing weather since I decided to stay in France and not go back to Los Angeles for 10 days. Maybe france is telling me something or thanking me for staying. We had 2 really great days this week (well, basically every day here is a great day - but even better when it's sunny and 70). Wednesday we went for a long (3 hour) bike ride. It was the first time since early October that I wore biking shorts (not long insulated biking tights), no hat, no neck warmer, no winter gloves, no "windstopper" booties over my cycling shoes, no 4 layers (smartwool, jersey, long sleeve jersey, wind jacket). It was glorious!

my happy partner

ah, le printemps!

great view

the cutest little guys ever!

These donkeys were so cute.  When we stopped at the side of the road they ran over to the wall for some love.  If we lived here full time I'd have a couple of donkeys.  

Yesterday we went over to Ben & Anke's house in Najac.  Ben has 2 girls from his previous marriage and Anke has 2 girls from her previous marriage.  4 girls, ages 6, 8, 10 and 11 (talk about drama).  We decided to bring the dogs and go for a hike around Najac, down into the valley along the river and back.  A great 2 hours (we did stop for a picnic lunch too - the french always have to stop and eat).  Most of the hike the dogs were off leash, but when we were leaving the village, coming back into the village and passing the sheep farm the dogs had to be leashed - all the girls took turns walking them.

Ben and Lola

Lola walking Dashell (notice the castle of Najac)

Sandra walking Dashell

Chloe walking Dashell and Phoebe walking Stella

The gang!

the sheep farmers home

I'm so glad I decided to stay here in France and not mess up my inner peace with crazy Los Angeles.  We will have to go back in 6-7 months and I'm sure it's going to be hard adjusting, so right now I'm just taking it all in and loving my life and the spring weather.


Michelle said...

Ah, there is a post here after all! You must have pulled it down to edit.

France is clearly rewarding you for staying.

Those donkeys are so cute. I have always wanted a donkey. I used to have a friend who had one she rode around the place when I was a girl. I was so jealous, all I had was dogs, cats, and chooks.

Lesley said...

What a difference the sun makes.
Get in touch when you come to Bordeaux!

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

Michelle - yes, i accidently hit post before I even wrote are too fast and the first to usually read since you are in Australia.

chooks are chickens, yes? I think everyone should get a donkey, they are adorable and very sweet.

ah the sun, how I love the has made a huge difference in my attitude and feeling. I didn't do well in this winter. I'll let you know when you come over to Bordeaux, would be lovely to finally meet you.

Leesa said...

Hi Alisa,

Hey! Glad you stayed in France to enjoy this lovely-- no-- BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having ALL week. I really feel like spring is here, now.. The leaves are opening on trees and the flowering trees have started to bloom.. I LOVE SPRIN in France.. Beats L.A. smog, doesn't it?!!

Cindy said...

glad you came to your senses and stayed in France. Look at what you would have missed! It looks like a gorgeous spring there! We're only having brief glimpses of spring around here, but mostly clouds and rain for "spring" break.

Steve Edwards said...

Fine choice not to go to LA. I don't read your blog much because it makes me want to be in France. Now I can. Little more than a week. Super excited. See you soon!

Steve Edwards said...

Showed Romney your blog. She's still reading and saying things, like "this looks amazing" and "I don't think Alisa misses anything about the US". Hmmm, maybe we should put everything on ebay before we leave and see if we can refund our return tickets.

Anonymous said...