Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Up in the Mountains

The cabin

Loving the water

We are 2 very luck people.  Bruce’s parents own a house in Mammoth Lakes California, up in the Sierras, 5.5 hours north of Los Angeles.  We haven’t visited in 5 years, mostly because we were busy in the summer with our camps and the cabin is only open July – September.  We used to take our vacation in the spring.  But because we have the month of August off, we decided to come back up to visit.  Bruce’s parents are going to be selling the cabin and with us moving back to France this is probably the last time we’ll be here.

Bruce has been coming up to Mammoth every summer since he was a baby.  He feels so free here.  When he was a kid he could play in the forest, climb on the rocks and just be a kid.  The place is located above the town of Mammoth, actually on the backside of the mountain.  It’s covered in snow most of the year, so you can only visit in the summer.  But it’s the most amazing place.  A 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin in the wood.  It’s on a ‘tract’ of 7 other cabins, on BLM land (bureau of Land Management).  Bruce’s parents own the cabin, but not the land.  They have had this cabin for over 20 years.  This used to be Bruce’s favorite place until he visited France, now it’s his second favorite.

Horseshoe Lake

We have been up here since last Saturday (11 days). It’s magical up here.  The air is clean, the skies are blue, it’s not super hot and pretty chilly in the evening.  But you can see so many stars and it’s so quiet.  We arrived, unpacked and had a glass of wine and some cheese & crackers.   Then we took the dogs for a long hike through the woods and around Horseshoe Lake.  Dashell jumped in the water the first chance he got.  The last time he was up here he was 10 months old.  We actually took him on a 5 day backpacking trip from Yosemite back to Mammoth.  This time, he’ll just hang out at the cabin, swim in the lake and hike in the woods.  Every morning we hike around the lake and the dogs swim.

We went bouldering  (the first time in years) and had a great time.  We took the dogs with us and by the end they were beat!  We’ll be heading down to Bishop to boulder later today too.  We met climbing and then took a break for a while, but I think we might be hooked again!  We have also hiked some amazing trails and the views are stunning.  Mostly we take the goldens, because little Stella can't hike a long time.  She's happy hanging around the cabin.

Tired Stella

 Tired Nellie

Tired Dashell

We have had amazing dinners up here in the cabin and some really good sine.  There is no telephone, no television, just peace and quiet.  We are staying until the end of the week and then will head back to Los Angeles for a week and then come back up around the 24th thru the 29th.  Our best friends E&K will come up and stay with us for 4-5 nights, which will be so much fun.

If you are from around Southern California and have a chance to visit Mammoth Lakes in the summer I highly recommend it.  Even if your not from around here, come and visit.  It’s mostly a winter destination since the skiing is amazing, but since I’m not a winter girl the summer is perfect for me!

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I enjoyed reading your blog. You seem happy. Have a good life in France.