Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Watermelon Radish

Do you know what a Watermelon Radish is?  I didn't, until a month ago.

K holding a watermelon radish from the garden

Our best friends E and K have a daugther, an amazing daugher, she's 10 (almost 11).   K has been taking art classes at the studio for 4 years.  K is an unusual kid for 10, as she will try any food.  She may not like it, but she'll try it.  She's eaten things most kids would never eat.  She talks about burratta like it's ice cream,  most 10 year olds don't even know what burratta is.  We got to talking one night at dinner and I told her that she should start a blog.  A blog about food.  A blog from a 10 year olds point of view.  So the watermelon radish was born.  I'm very proud of her, blogging isn't easy, especially if you are 10.  But, she has so much food experience to share with others that she just has to write about it.  Maybe she can get other kids to try new foods.

So check out the Watermelon Radish and comment on her posts (she'd loved that).

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