Tuesday, September 16, 2008

8 days baby!

Villefranche-De-Rouergue (3 miles from our house)

I'm back and very refreshed! Sorry I have been away for so long, I finally don't feel totally exhausted. We actually took 4 days off from riding and 3 days off from running around and visiting and drinking loads of red wine (well actually we didn't take a break from that) . Now there might be some of you who don't think that's a big deal to take 4 days off from riding, but let me tell you, for us it's huge. We only take that many days off when our bodies tell us to and they did. We just got back from a lovely 30 mile ride and it felt so so good to be back in the saddle. My throat doesn't hurt anymore and I don't feel like taking a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day (a 1 hour nap is just fine though). 

I remember back in April I put a countdown widget on my old typepad blog and it said something like 180 days until we move to France. It seemed so far away.  Je ne regrette rein told me "it's gonna come up fast". I didn't think it would. So much was in our way - 12 weeks of camps was the biggest hurdle, we knew that when they ended we were almost there. Well, we finished camps the last week of August and our fall classes started back up last Tuesday the 9th. It was so great to see all the kids that we haven't seen since June. We spent all week at the studio so we could say hi and goodbye to all the parents and students. We are going back this Tuesday and Wednesday just for 10 minutes to say goodbye to some others. Then we'll have 5 days to get everything in order.

There are things we still need to get done. We have an appointment with our vet Dr. Carlsen to get the dogs california health certificates. Then on Monday we'll go down to the local USDA vet to have our french health certificates, california health certificates and proof of rabies signed and officially stamped by him. I have heard that although it's required that you have a USDA vet sign and stamp these papers, you are never even checked at the airport in Paris. But the last thing we want is not to have it and then the dogs woudn't be allowed in France. Better to follow the rules and be safe.

We have to take the couch and tv and kitchen stuff to our POD, which is stored at a POD location. We'll probably do that on Tuesday 23rd. We are not keeping our mattress so we'll have until we leave and then put it by the dumpster.

The apartment is a disaster. We did a "mock" pack yesterday and it went well. We have 3 different piles. Pile #1 is all the clothes/shoes for France. Pile #2 is for a carry-on, you know, an extra set of clothes, toothbrush, etc...and Pile #3 is for the trip from Los Angeles to Chicago. Clothes we are not taking to France and don't care about. We know we are going to have to pay for excess baggage, but it's no big deal. It's hard to try and pack for fall, winter, spring and summer though and it's hard trying to decide what I will want while I'm there. We'll have our bike cases, which will carry our bikes and biking clothes and we'll have the dogs and their travel crates. So basically 3 bags, 2 bikes cases, 2 dogs and 2 crates to check-in. Then we each will have a carry-on and our computer. I'm a bit nervous how we are going to manage once we get to Charles de'Gaulle. I'll have to check with nrfm, because I know it was just her with her bags and the 2 dogs...we'll see how she did it.

I had a lovely visit from La Framéricaine on Saturday. She and Mr. LF stopped by and gave us 4 excellent French text-books. I have already started to go through them and I'm still doing my 40 verbs in 40 days...each and every day I study and read aloud. I will miss her, but luckily they are going to be moving to France in the spring, so we'll see each other then.

The dogs have no idea what's in store for them. They will soon have a house in the country, with loads of land (all fenced in) so they can run and play. We are also very close to a river and loads of wood and forests so we'll be doing lots of hikes. We are also going to buy "commuter" bikes when we get there, so we don't have to ride our "road" bikes to and from the villages. I'm planning on getting a basket on my bike too so that Stella can ride it in. They will be so welcome at all the restaurants and will go so many places with us. It's going to be such a different life for them, I can't wait for them to experience it.

We are trying to sell our car this week, which is such a pain, but we have to do it. Hopefully we'll find a buyer soon who will give us a good price. It's a great car in great shape..so keep your fingers crossed. We pick up our rental car on the 22nd.

We have to take back our cable boxes, turn over our business check book to L. who will take over invoicing, receiving payments and paying all of our bills for the studio. We have some more people to see before we go. E&K of course, Bruce's Mom and Dad, B&L and LL. I'm going to see Diana, who cuts and colors my hair today and she's going to cut my hair and teach Bruce how to cut and color it. I'm so excited.

I had my yearly check-up, my mammogram and yesterday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and a filling. Glad that all of that is out of the way for a year. Bruce has to go to the dentist on Thursday for a crown and a cleaning.

We are winding down and actually wish that we could leave tomorrow, but Wednesday the 24th will be here before we know it. I'll be updating from the road too. It will take us about 4 days to get to chicago. We'll stop in Utah and then Colorado (to see some friends) and then St. Louis and then arrive in Chicago on Saturday 27th. It should be a fun road trip...although the car is going to be packed and I'm hoping that Ms. Stella doesn't sit on my lap the entire way! We then leave Chicago for Paris on the 28th. Stay tuned.


Randal Graves said...

You know, this whole packing up and moving across the ocean sure does sound like a lot of work. Who'd have thunk it?

Of course that shot kind of makes it appear worthwhile, even if it's just a single picture.

The suburbs here don't look like that. ;-)

La Framéricaine said...

Is that an echo I hear in my travel plans?

I am so glad that you two are refreshed and into the countdown! I could so relate to your transitional lodging and your list of "To Do"s is eerily familiar...

I wish I was going with you in the bike bag but I'll be right here keeping up with your French adventure via blog posts! And I'll definitely catch up with you on the other side of the Atlantic!

Good luck with selling the car. I can see it sold already!

Our Juicy Life said...

Randall - it's tons of work and we are only going for 1 year. I can't imagine having to pack up boxes and furniture to be shipped too. We only have what we are taking on the plane. But there are so many things that have to be taken care of, little things that you don't realize but sneak up on you. I'll say though...it's worth it.

Ah, isn't that a great shot. This village is 3 miles from our house, we spent quite a bit of time in it when we were there last September, it's lovely. I'll be posting many more when I get there.

Our Juicy Life said...

LF - I know you can relate, your to-do's and the shipping of boxes and stuff that I mentioned to randall is nothing compared to what we are doing.

You are right behind us and we can't wait to re-unite in the spring.

Thanks again for the books!


Hehe... The things you are getting done are exactly the things I did (minus the dog stuff) but I had to give away my beloved pets.... I got my teeth cleaned and did the mammo. too.. lots of dr. stuff...
Anyhow.. EXCITING!!! WIsh you guys were staying in Paris longer.. I'd love to meet up for coffee and meet you ... but I KNOW how tired you will be and with the doggies... etc.. You will just CRASH at the hotel...
Did you find a hotel with the links I sent? I hope one of them worked out for you guys!!
Hopefully, you'll make a trip up to Paris or we'll head down your way and we'll meet up...
Wishing you all the best and Godspeed.... for your next 8 days to pass by super quickly but getting everything done at the same time!
Take care and Bon Voyage!

Our Juicy Life said...

Hey cupcape - love the name!!!! Yes, we picked one of the hotels you gave me. thanks a million. We are not sure what we'll do - we arrive around 11 am and will probably get to the hotel around 1:00...Paris is 20 minutes away...will we go in for dinner? Not sure. So tempting, it's just right there waiting for us. Where are you in Paris?

We will be in Paris for Paris/Roubais (bike race) and Paris/Nice (bike race), sometime in June to see my sister & her husband and also for the last day of the Tour de France, so if we don't see you when we arrive, we'll keep in touch and will get together.

You are always welcome to come visit us - we are 1 1/2 hours northeast of Toulouse.


La Belette Rouge said...

This is it! You are really doing it. And, soon all the hard work and the stress and the endless socializing will soon be over and you will be in France and all the hard work will be so worth it. I am so happy for you two. :-)

Leesa said...

Hey Alisa,

GREAT!!! I'm glad you found an hotel..... I have to work til 8:30 that night otherwise, I would say to meet up if you go to Paris.. We live south in the banlieu.. Antony-- it's Dept 92... It's about 10 minutes or so by the RERB to the most southern spot of Paris centre! I hope that we will be able to visit you.. thanks for the invitation... We will FOR sure keep in touch.... Can't wait to hear about your vie en France once you get situated.. Love to here what you think of it all....
Take care and bon voyage!!

Our Juicy Life said...

LBR - yes, that's it....holy crap we are moving to france. It hasn't hit me...probably won't for a bit. But we are so ready and so excited. Ah, the endless socializing, I'm sorry but I'm not a social person - not sure if you get that from our meeting, but it's hard to always be on and spunky. I'm worn out but in a good way, we love our friends and will miss them...you are included with that!

Our Juicy Life said...

L - thanks for the hotel links, it helped so much. We will probably not go into paris, which is pathetic, being so close and all, but the dogs might be a bit freaked out and we don't want to just leave them and then we'd have to figure out where to go in Paris. We have spent many weeks in the 7th and have a great restaurant, but do we really need to go in to visit it, probably not...we'll just relax, shower, sleep and get ready to get up early to go down and meet jnrr and pickup our new car!

Betty C. said...

Oh my, this all does sound complicated. Good luck on the final countdown!