Saturday, September 6, 2008

My first tag - Things of no consequence

Today I was tagged by the lovely je ne regrette rein.  It's an easy one (thank god). All I have to do is answer these questions and then tag some other bloggers to do the same.  Sounds fun.

1.  Where was I 10 years ago?  Bruce and I were packing up to move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.   We had been together for 2 years and I was still a corporate monkey, selling computer software.  I hated it, but knew nothing else.  My territory was the southwest west - (Colorado, Utah Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California).  We were die hard rock-climbers, travelling around the world to climb.  My company wanted me to move to another part of my territory to get it going and I got to choose where.  Colorado and Utah (great climbing) but too cold.  We usually drove to Vegas every other weekend to climb and camp, so we decided to go with that.  We rented a rocking house up by Red Rocks and stayed for 8 months.  We couldn't do it any longer...too strange.  I actually quit my job while I was living there, but I quit from the airport in Boston.  Was tired of flying every day, tired of the pressure, tired of the stress, tired of wearing a suit every day, just tired.  We moved back to Southern California and that was the start of our studio and my vow never to work full-time again.

2.  What is on my to-do list today.  We are moving to france in 17 days.  Well, we are leaving Los Angeles for Chicago in 17 days and then well fly to france from there.  But we have to have everything ready to leave in 17 days.  Here's what on the list, knowing that we can't get everything done in one day, some of these keep getting put on the next days list.

- bathe Dashell & Stella
- go buy Bruce new converse (that's all he wears)
- grocery shopping at trader joe's
- go by our studio to pick up tuition checks
- go to the bank
- do a mock pack to see how much stuff we are really taking
- call United airlines to figure out our return ticket...will we return???
- go on a bike ride 
- meet friends at an art opening (more about that friend tomorrow)
- order art supplies for the studio
- buy a cooler to take with us in the car to chicago
- print off dogs health certificates for california and france
- order new dog tags with our french address & phone number
- book Hilton hotel at O'hare airport in chicago
- book bfast, lunch or dinner with 8 friends before we leave
- sell the car
- take a nap 

3.  What would I do if I was a billionaire.  Well, I wouldn't get plastic surgery.  But I would buy a farmhouse in france and maybe one in Italy and maybe an apartment in Paris, because Bruce loves Paris.  I'd buy another road bike and one for Bruce and I'd build an amazing studio for me and an amazing studio for Bruce, at both of our houses.  I'd have a beautiful kitchen, because I love to cook, and in that kitchen I would have a Lacanche range.  I would love to cook on this range. I would travel all over the world and see new places and meet new people, but I would NEVER fly commercial again, I would charter a plane, because then we could take the dogs with us everywhere and not have to put them in the belly of the plane. I would pay off everything for my Mom, my sister and Bruce's parents.  I would pay for my niece and nephews college education.   I would use wealth to help animals, the environment and people who live in poverty.  I would try and make a difference and would hope to stay a nice person.

4.  Five places that I have lived.

- Michigan
- New York City
- Las Vegas
- Los Angeles
wait that's only four....I will have five soon
- France

5. 3 bad habits

- being a backseat driver
- not putting the laundry away...sometimes it's just easier to live
out of the laundry basket.
- pulling out the scissors and cutting my hair after 2 glasses of wine, 
big mistake, but I never seem to learn!

6. snacks that i like.

- chips, chips and more chips
- red vines
- anything sweet
- toast with butter and honey
- apple & peanut butter
- crepes
- dill pickles

7. People I'm tagging


Randal Graves said...

Dill pickles! You've cut your hair after downing le vin? You might be crazier than I am.

I shudder at the daily routine of selling software while cocooned in fancy dudes and fuselages. You should have gotten a medal for that, or hazard pay.

La Belette Rouge said...

I let my motehr once cut my bangs after she had a few vodka martinis. The results were as you would expect.

OOh, toast with butter and honey. You just created a craving in me. But, I think I want english muffins so the honey can pool in the crusty caves of carby goodness. I didn't know I was hungry until I visited your blog.;-)

So funny that you were at the Lakes too. And, I think I have also taken a vow to never work again--I just have never done it consciously. I think it is time to do that.

justfoodnow said...

Farmhouse in Italy? I'm so totally there!!!

Becky said...

Just a couple of weeks left! Wow! I can't wait to hear how things go. Bon voyage! (Said like Bugs Bunny, Bon voy-ag-ee. ;-)

La Framéricaine said...

Hello, OJL chérie!

I am going to do my best while doing what I do best, procrastinating and slipping my gears.

Wish me luck!

Our Juicy Life said...

RG- yes dill pickles, love them and yes I do seem to have a couple glasses of wine and then look at my hair and decide I could cut it just a bit...maybe a little off here and a little off there and then I have to call my Diana, who fixes everything. I'm left-handed and hold the scissors upside down and can't even cut a straight line, have no idea why I continue to do it.

Yes, I wore a suit for a long time. The money was amazing and I would bet that if I had not met Bruce I would still be doing it. The only thing good about it was that if allowed us to buy a house in LA, start a new business and now go to france.

Our Juicy Life said...

LBR - hope your english muffin was yummy! The Lakes - such a funky place, all the houses looked exactly the same, very poltergiest.

Our Juicy Life said...

justfoodnow - i'll keep you posted on italy!

Becky - i know, we are freaking out a bit...but a good freak out.

Our Juicy Life said...

LF - you can do it...I know you can! It's very easy, doesn't take a long time. Great to see you yesterday!

La Framéricaine said...

It was so cool I can't write about it! Perfect!

sub-urbanrambler said...

LBR is such a social glue... i love all of your answers. good luck on france [maybe there next month b/c of a promise of a friend's free 2br apt-- *fingers crossed*]

Michelle said...

Ooh, fun. I will come back to this tonight. For now I have to do what I have to do today (mark a mountain of short stories and poetry-not my favourite part of my job because I think they all deserve full marks for passion)

Rowena said...

Aha! Your first tag!! I've done this one before and if I could come up with better, more impressive replies, I'd answer the questions all over again.

Red vines...ooh yeah, one of my all-time faves!

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I LOVE YOU said...
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