Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Je suis fatigué

We ended our summer camps on August 29th and have had the last 10 days off.  Well, off from work that is.  Almost every day we have met with friends for breakfast, a bike ride, lunch, coffee or dinner.  Now let me tell you, we are not social people, we are homebodies and usually only go out once a week (if even that).  Our busy social schedule has me very tired.  

It all started about 3 weeks ago when I was a the studio.  The phone rang and I answered it and a lovely voice asked for "alisa".  "This is her" I said.  "Alisa, this is La Framéricaine!"  I was so shocked, my blogger friend LF was calling me.  We spoke for some time and she asked Bruce and I to meet her and Mr. LF for breakfast at a lovely crepe place in Santa Monica called Cafe Crepe. Yes, yes I replied, so we set the date for last Saturday, August 30th at 10:00 am.  I was so excited to meet LF and Mr. LF.  

We arrived via velo (of course) and there they were, sitting patiently waiting for us.  I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed and I knew that I had met two special people.  LF is beautiful and graceful and full of life and Mr. LF is such a handsome french man!   We had a lovely breakfast, LF speaking perfect french, Mr. LF speaking great english, Bruce and I trying to speak french.  Time went so fast, too fast.  We left with smiles on our faces knowing that we had just met some wonderful people who would become great friends. LF was the first blogger that I have ever met.

That night we had dinner with K&L, Sunday we had dinner with E&K and W&C,  Tuesday we went to Paul Weller, Thursday we had dinner at J&J's house, Friday I had a lovely lunch with La Belette Rouge, the second blogger I have ever met.  I was so excited to meet the lovely red weasel.  We met in Manhattan Beach at La pain quotidien and spent 2 hours talking about everything!  She is beautiful and warm and smart and fun.  I was so happy to meet her, but I am a bit sad because now she in Los Angeles, I'm leaving for France.  

Friday night we had dinner with Bruce's mom, and this Saturday we got to see LF again at an art opening for a woman who works with Mr. LF. It was great to see them again, we actually feel like we have known LF and Mr. LF for a long time.  

They invited their friends B&B who we found out, we have so much in common with.  Let's start with B being a potter, I'm a potter.  They went to costa rica for B's 50th birthday, we went to Costa Rica for my 40th birthday.  They have a house in Mallorca, we spent a month in Mallorca. They own a house in St. Antonin Noble Val, our very very favorite village in France, near where we are moving.  A village that we visited last year and both had the feeling that this is the village for us. Now this is NOT a huge village, it's a small beautiful village in the tarn-et-garonne.   30 years ago, B&B decided to pack up and move to europe with their 3 month old son.  In 2 weeks we are packing up our dogs and moving to europe.  I could go on and on with the similarities but it might freak you out, like it does us...there are so many.  We are now having dinner with them next week so we can talk more about St. Antonin, our stay, their lives, pottery, etc...

We actually had to cancel "homemade crepes" at our french friends L&B on Sunday because I woke up with a sore throat.  I think that I'm run down, exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, stressed, etc...  Our social calendar is packed and I'm not used to going out almost every day. But, we need to see people before we leave.  So, lets see...Sunday and today we had nothing planned and it was wonderful, we biked, hung out by the pool and relaxed.  Tomorrow we have breakfast with an old student of ours, he started when he was 11 and left when we went to college and now he's back in LA. On Wednesday we are going to a lesbian party - yes, you read that right.  Our L friend is having a big party and we are invited, even though we are not, well, you know.  Friday we are having dinner with B&G at their house, they are professors here in LA and want to take a 1 year sabbatical in france, so we are going to talk about specifics.  Saturday we have dinner with I&A, Sunday we are going to our rescheduled our "homemade crepe" visit with L&B, Monday we have dinner with K&E&B, Tuesday we have our dinner with our new friends, B&B, Wednesday we have our dentist appointment, Thursday my hair appointment (cut and color) and to teach bruce how to color my hair...yikes. Friday dinner with L and a thai massage, Saturday dinner with E&K again and then we are done...and gone on Monday.  

I love seeing everyone and it's sad to say "goodbye".  I'm also so happy that I met LF and LBR, they are 2 very special people and great bloggers too!

But tell me, wouldn't you be tired too?

Now you know why "Je suis fatigué"


La Belette Rouge said...

I am so delighted I got to meet you! But, as happy as I am to meet you is as sad as I am to see you go. We could have started a lovely little francophile community here in L.A. Really, I am so happy for you and Bruce. And, I look forward to reading about every moment of your French journey that you share with us.

Et maintenant, prenez un somme!

La Framéricaine said...

Just reading that post made me tired. Mon dieu!

For homebodies, you two sure as hell have full dance cards. Le Framéricain and I were delighted to be able to spend the morning with you and ton amour at Café Crêpe and to arrange to bring the two of you together with B&B.

Have a wonderful dinner with them and let us hear from you when you get settled in central France.

Leesa said...

Hi there Alisa,

How exciting to meet other bloggers! There is such a big expat blogging community here in the Paris area, that it's a real joy to meet up with fellow bloggers and join in with blogger events- picnics, movies, coffees, etc... I understand about the fatigue thing, too! That was our entire trip back to the States in April... I got sick, too.. I stayed for a month and saw about 1/2 or my friends! There's never really enough time!
Hope that we get to meet you and Bruce when you are here in France. Alex and I like to travel by car so we can always come calling sometime when you are settled in.... Also, I'm sure you'll make it to Paris sometime, so we will be able to meet you then, too!
Take care and good luck with all the rest of your preparations... --- Leesa

Randal Graves said...


Our Juicy Life said...

LBR - took a nap today...it was lovey! I'm also glad to finally meet you and am a bit sad that now I have to leave, but I'll be back (maybe) and you'll love my dentist and will be happy in your new pad.

Our Juicy Life said...

LF - you'l hear from me way before we leave for France and I'm sure we'll catch up with Mr FL while he's in france. I'm so glad you'll be in France in year while we are there. It will be a great reunion.

Our Juicy Life said...

Leesa - I hope to meet you as well. We'll be up in Paris at least a couple time (since it's Bruce's favorite city) so we'll let you know when we will be there so we can get together.

Our Juicy Life said...

RG - argh!

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

well color me green with envy!!! I am dying to meet LaF and LeF in person; and a re-rendez-vous with LBR is far past due. pouts.

I have an idea for all those people you need to see before you go. Just throw a party and let them all come to you at once. how fun would that be, your own bon voyage?!

La Belette Rouge said...

I tagged you!! See my blog.;-)

Randal Graves said...

I think she's still sleeping.

Our Juicy Life said...

Randall - thanks for the wakeup call.